Yes, just plain “Bomberman” – the DS version, mind, but it’s still simply called “Bomberman”. Keeping in with this simple name, the game itself has shed much of the excess baggage from over the years. There are no kangaroos and no minecarts. Most of the powerups are still here, but many of them are only “active” for the level you’re currently on. The levels are much more like those on the original Bomberman games too – blocks to blow up, baddies to blow up, and powerups and an exit to find. No bridges, warps, conveyors, seesaws or switches here.

But it is still great. It always is (except Atomic Bomberman, but we’ll ignore that one just like Hudson have). The powerup system is pretty good too – you can cache them all and use them when you want, rather than when you pick them up. This is handly, as you can save them for when you die, and then use them – especially useful as you lose all your “active” powerups when you die.

I’ve played through to level 3-5 so far, with there being 9 levels, a bonus level, and a boss level in each “world”. Hasn’t been too difficult so far, and the bosses have been pretty easy too.

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