Oh ho – what hilarious punnage. Yes, anyway – I had a few goes today, managing to storm through the actual level (Chapter 12) I was stuck on and making it to the boss. Who was hard. Not hard as in, bloody difficult, but hard as in “I know what I need to do and it seems to hurt him but even though I keep doing it he doesn’t die and whoops I’ve run out of time Game Over”.

Finally, though, I managed to up the pace a bit, and finish him off (literally just kept plugging away with what I was doing, only faster), and then he died. And the game was over – in the good way!


  1. Book 2 is just Hard Mode. You do finish the game after just Book 1, since you get the credits and everything.

    You could say I haven’t completed Viewtiful Joe 2 either, since I haven’t done it on V-Rated, or Ultra-V-Rated, or So-Bloody-Hard-You’ll-Kill-Yourself-Trying-Rated.

  2. Hehe, that told me. I am currently playing through the game myself and was happily going to call it complete after book 1 too. It was just that I read somewhere that completing book 1 unlocks a whole *new* set of levels rather than just a harder re-run of book 1.

    Steve Jackson
  3. Well, I’ve been through about 4 or 5 levels on Book 2, and they’re much the same so far – less time, fewer strokes available, more ghosts – but the same otherwise.


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