Timesplitters: Future Perfect

Timesplitters: Future Perfect

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Enjoying this so far. I might even complete it. You never know. Went back and completed the level with Harry Tipper, and the train level following it. Homage to Goldeneye, by the same developers? Perhaps… At the end of the level there was a puzzle thing to stop the nuclear missile being launched, and a fight with a guy with a rocket pack. Obviously.

The next two levels were obviously inspired by Resident Evil. Firstly, it was set in a mansion (with hidden underground lab), secondly, it was full of zombies, and thirdly, some of the zombies looked like characters from Resident Evil. It wasn’t nearly as hard as that other game though – not even the giant boss in the middle (who also made a return at the end). Oh yes, and there’s a mine cart section – hurrah!

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