Timesplitters: Future Perfect

Timesplitters: Future Perfect

Spent a couple of hours on this today. I completed the “pre-mission mission”, and also the first proper mission in the castle thing. It all seems much like Timesplitters 2 so far. I failed the mission with Harry Tipper, though. I don’t understand how Cortez doesn’t know who he is, even though he met him in TS2. Very odd. I died once I’d set the water running, and didn’t realise that people would then see through my disguise and try and shoot me. Tch.

Had a go online then, but the game we were playing on was set up so that the only weapons available seemed to be remote mines (that I couldn’t detonate), a baseball bat, and grenades. Even though I didn’t get blown up, I still seemed to die with one-hit kills, despite that setting being turned off. Bizarre.

Tried a few challenges then, including a brick throwing one (failed), and the BEST GAME EVAAR – Cat Racing. Excellent.

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