Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

Even though I hate soldier games, and squad based soldier games most of all, I still bought this for a fiver a couple of weeks ago. Had my first play today, on co-op over Xbox Live, with the openly homosexual “madm0nkey”, whom I have previously thrashed on such titles as Project Gotham 2 and Outrun 2.

However, since we were playing co-op, and I had no idea at all what to do, what the controls were (they’re not in the manual) or anything, I spent most of the first game we played dying. Or being shot. Or being dead. Then he completed the mission on his own, causing me to wonder what the hell had just happened.

The second mission was much like the first – I wandered round in some kind of daze, wondering what was going on and where we were supposed to go, and what we were supposed to do. It transpires that bridges needed to be blown up. I just shot people, and died a couple of times.

It was all more than a little confusing.

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