Nintendo Puzzle Collection

Nintendo Puzzle Collection

Another game that arrived today. Well, collection of games, at any rate: Puzzle de Pon, Dr. Mario, and Yoshi no Cookie.

Played all three with my wife this evening. There’s a few problems with running it on PAL Gamecube with Freeloader, in that some of the Japanese text appears as gibberish (no, real gibberish), meaning I can’t read it even if I could understand the Japanese.

Puzzle de Pon was probably the best of the three. It has a new 3D mode too, kind of like Lemmings Revolution, erm, but only in the way it rotates. Or Nebulus. Or something.

There is also a feature that lets you download the Famicom versions of the games to your GBA. Which is a little silly in the case of Dr. Mario, since I have the Famicom Mini version of that already. Tch.

But buy it here, ‘cos it’s cheap!

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