YES YES YES! Puppy pwnage! Set it up, and played with some of the puppies in the kennels, then picked out a male Yorkshire Terrier. My plan is to make him gay.

Called him Chris, after one of my friends. It does seem a bit disturbing shouting “Chris! Chris! Good boy!” at my DS though. After teaching him his name, I petted him a bit and bought some food and water for him. Then I taught him “Sit!”, and then “Shake!” where he shakes his paw. I can now shout “Chris!” and he’ll run over wagging his tail, then I can make him sit, and shake his paw. It’s JUST LIKE HAVING A REAL DOG!

Took him for a walk, and met “Spot” on the way. Came home and gave him a drink and some food, and then he played with a tennis ball for a bit. Excellent.

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