Viewtiful Joe 2

Viewtiful Joe 2

Well, that puzzle was a pain in the backside. After some cogwork in one section of a level, and then the platform game staple giant crushing machines, there was a safe to crack. And it wasn’t easy, since you had to kick it (normally), then punch it (in slow-mo), then use Sylvia’s Replay to hit it three times. And there was no way of telling what you were supposed to do, so it was all down to trial and error. Half an hour of trial and error. Tch.

Then Drill Sergeant Big John (the T-Rex from earlier) arrived, dressed as a policeman, driving a tank. Obviously. Killed him.

And then onto the proper boss – “Cameo Leon”. Yes, a chameleon. Who was irritating, as he kept disappearing, and was fed health powerups by Dr. Cranken, a plug/octopus/mad scientist hybrid. You know the sort. Killed him as well.

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