Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Mission 21 was a right pain. I’ve done it now (with a rubbish B), and my final attempt (of four or five) did seem a lot easier. There are so many things to keep an eye on – the timer, until you’ve launched all the missiles, enemy infantry getting to silos before you (especially if they’re a fair way away and Black Hole are about to Tag Team you – getting two goes in one), transport ‘copters taking infantry behind your ranks and taking over your HQs, the Oozium (again, deadly in a Black Hole Tag Team) and the Black Hole Megatank. And you have to be careful where you park your units so they don’t get shot to bits by the giant cannon.

No wonder I forgot one or more of these things. Anyway, done now. 22 next!

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  1. hi. you´re right with mission 21.. definitely a pain. just a question, is it possible to destroy the giant cannon? i tried it with a heli and a big tank but i´m not able to fire…


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