Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

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I won! It took some 40-odd days, but I won! I kept him locked down with a load of ranged units fronted and protected by some Neotanks, and then, after another Tag Team CO Power, stormed in for the kill and sat units on top of his factories. Suddenly, he only had a couple of light tanks and some infantry, although he could still build aerial units (and so built a bomber). It didn’t do any major damage, and was seen off by some SAMs and stuff, whilst I mopped up the weak units with my Megatank and Neotanks. I HAEV TEH POWAR.

Created my own map then – a really small one with only a few cities and just one factory each. And I won when I played it against the CPU player. Hurrah!

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