Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

A cute rocket firing, wheeled baddie thing to kill (who was easy), and onto another level of more cute stuff.

I’ve been asked, “Doesn’t the cuteness in Hello Kitty Roller Rescue make you want to vomit your kidneys up?”. And to that person, I say: “Yes. Yes it does. Through my eyes.”

There was a car park level, and I rescued a cute toy car thing. Had to find it some cute batteries, but soon it was smashing through walls like cute toy cars do. You know. Like that. Then there was a sports level, with floating cylinders to kill and ninja blocks with cute shiruken to avoid. A giant baseball-in-a-waterslide Indiana Jones bit actually got me killed first time through, although I blame the stupid camera angle. A cute camera angle, mind.

Rescued some cute flying twins too. And Grandma. Go me!

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