Oh Chris. Why must you be looked after every day? Why do you whine at me for food? Idiot dog.

After feeding and watering, I took him for a walk. On the way, he found a stick. Hurrah! He then ran into Casey, who’s owner had a go at me for letting Chris poo on the floor and not cleaning it up, even though I didn’t actually see Chris do such a thing. And why would they have actual pooing in a game? BAN THIS SICK FILTH, etc. We then walked to the gym and he jumped some fences and ran though some blue pipes.

After we got home, I entered him into an agility tournament. Which was all fences and pipes. He stormed it, came first, and WOOO! $100 is min^H^H^Hours! Sadly, there was no booze and hookers to spend it on.

Entered him into the next class up in the agility contest (“open class”), and he was rubbish. He was doing really well, until he got to the seesaw and was petrified by it. Stupid animal.

When we returned from to contest, I gave him some water, and then threw the stick at him a bit. I intended to throw it for him, but he just ran away from it like it was going to kill him or something, so I threw it at him instead.

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