Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan

Yes, yes. Another new DS game. But this one is ACE! Just like the last few. Ahem.

It’s a rhythm game, like Dance Dance Revolution or Gitaroo Man. More like the latter, in fact, since it’s by the same people. And yes, I did hate Gitaroo Man more than anything else ever, but Ouendan is better. And not as impossible (yet, anyway).

You basically just circled tap numbers as they appear, as close as possible to the decreasing-in-size ring around them becoming the size of the circle. If you see what I mean. There’s some dragging-a-ball-along-a-path bits, and some spinning-a-wheel bits too, but it’s all far less complicated than Gitaroo Man so far. Each level has you, as three male cheerleaders, trying to help assorted characters with problems they have. Such as, a kid who can’t revise for his exams because his family keep disturbing him. Completed the first few levels, and then realised I’d not been playing it on Easy. Which explains why the horse race thing level was somewhat not possible.

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