Assorted 32X Games

Assorted 32X Games

Set my new Megadrive 32X up for the first time today, so I could finally get round to playing the 32X games I’ve had on my shelf for more than 5 years.

First up was Virtua Racing. It’s, er, not as good as I expected. Part of the problem was with the screen shaking due to something wonky in the 32X itself, but is isn’t as good as the standard Megadrive version.

Then it was onto Doom. More screen shaking, which got progressively worse, but I managed to get to level 4 before my eyes bled. Seems good, nice and fast, same level layouts as I remember (from the N-Gage version laste week if nothing older!).

NBA Jam didn’t work, but I think it just needs the contacts cleaning.

I then played Krusty’s Super Fun House for a while, which I know isn’t a 32X game but since the Megadrive was out, and I got the game this week, and it’s ACEBEST, then it was pretty much Pimm’s O’Clock. Or something.

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