Pokémon Sapphire

Pokémon Sapphire

Loads of stuff done today. Worked my way up to the next city, defeating trainers left right and centre. When I got there, I got myself a bike, and rode back to the previous city on the “cycling road”, defeating more trainers. Then went back up to the “new” city again, and wandered around defeating more trainers and Pokémon, and caught a Plusle. Beat May and Wally again too.

Went into the Gym there too, and defeated all the trainers (and their Electricity-type Pokémon) in there with my newly evolved Mightyena (which used to be a Poochyena). It reduces the enemy Pokémon’s attack before the fight even starts, which helps somewhat. Didn’t beat the Gym Leader though, so left the city and went west into Vendurf Town.

There was a Contest thingie there, so had a go at the “Toughness Contest”. I wasn’t really sure what was going on, and ended up coming last. It was too confusing.

Entered a tunnel nearby too, which appears to be the other end of the tunnel I went in earlier in the game. Can’t progress, as I need to use Rock Smash to get through, and although someone gave me the required HM to do it, I need another badge to make use of it. Apparently.

Left two of my pokeymen (Electrike and Zigzagoon) at the Day Care to try and level them up a bit. They’re at Level 12 or 13 at the moment, and I need them to be over 20 really, like Combusken, Beautifly and Mightyena all are at the moment. I’m leveling up Lombre too, but it is difficult to level up several pokeymen at once.

Tried to defeat the Gym Trainer then, but failed miserably as he wiped out all my Pokémon. Grr.

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