Atarimix Happy 10 Games

Atarimix Happy 10 Games

Yes, it really is called that.

This DS compilation of 10 old Atari arcade games came out a while ago, but was on offer at Play Asia for under a tenner (when I ordered, at least). I knew it was pretty crap, especially the bonus “remix” versions of the games, redone with “hip” graffiti-style graphics and stuff, but my jaw hit the floor when I realised just how awful they were.

Played each and every one of the games, in both “guises”. Naturally, many of the original versions were fine. Some, such as Missile Command, really benefited from having a touch screen to control them, and most were at least reasonable (except Pong, which was all vertical and rubbish). Almost all the remix versions were terrible. Some of the games look like they’ve been drawn by a three year old with a mixture of crayon and vomit. Some simply can’t by played as the control schemes are shot to pieces (I can’t use the touch screen with my right hand, AND the buttons with my right hand, Mr. Atari – I only have ONE right hand!). Almost all actually look worse than the originals. What a pile of poo.

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