Lost in Blue

Lost in Blue

Hurrah! Crate puzzles solved! There were nine of them overall. However, after I’d done them all, I realised Skye was almost dead. The stupid cow had forgotten to drink, meaning her water-o-meter was at 0%. This in turn caused her not to eat (you can’t eat when thirsty) so her food-o-meter dropped to 0% too. Then, she couldn’t sleep as a result of the above, so her stamina was dropping quickly. And because of that, her HP were on the decrease too.

After the final puzzle, I had two directions to take – left and right. I quicksaved, and chose left, which led me back to the start of the temple, and I came home as quick as I could. Skye was on 9% HP when I was almost home. “She’s dying” said Keith, over and over again. Then, just as I got to the cave, she only went and had a drink and ate! Gah! I needn’t have bothered!

Anyway, ate, rested, ate again, and slept then saved.

Decided then to reload my quicksave, and head right instead of left. In the interests of not spoiling the game for others, I can only say that there is another section of game left to do. And it is my second least favourite game mechanic – stealth. RUBBISH, KONAMI, JUST RUBBISHNESS++. Failed it.

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