All of the 150cc cups have now been won! By me! Which means the game is completed!

Well, technically, there is still Mirror Mode to go (and the missions), but the game proper is all done now. Almost all of my ranks are A and above, with just one or two Bs. I think there may be a D in there somewhere too, but I think I might have redone it.

I’ve also done all the DS cups in Mirror Mode, as well as the first of the Retro Cups. After doing the DS Cups, I unlocked R.O.B., so used him, er, it as my character for the next few races. I should have stuck with Luigi, really.

After that, I had a go against some rllmuk peoples – Wavey and alisdair. They had this bloody annoying knack of killing me over and over and over and over right on the last corner of the track, while I was winning. Bah. Came joint 2nd (or “joint last” if you must).

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