Sonic Advance 2: SONIC BOOMED!

Sonic Advance 2: SONIC BOOMED!

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With Sonic Rush out next week, and this still not completed and Sonic Advance 3 still unplayed, I thought I’d best get my finger out and do something about it. So I completed it!

Turns out the boss I was stuck on at the end of Sky Doobrie Zone wasn’t as hard as I’d previously thought. I just needed to be more careful. The next two zones were pretty easy too, as were the bosses.

And then came the “XX” level. Which, to my horror, turned out to be a SuckySuck(TM) bit! DEAR GOD WHY? Every single boss. One after another. Luckily, you only had to hit each one three times or so, rather than the six or eight previously, but still. End of game LAZINESS, Sonic Team. You ought to be ashamed. Oh, but then you did Sonic Heroes too, didn’t you? Rubbish.

Anyway. Killed them, and the (new) boss after them. And it was Game Over. Robotnik helpfully reminded me (as I expected he would) that I didn’t have all the Chaos Emeralds, so I went back and collected the few I had left, and then completed the game again. Only to be told, again, that I didn’t have all the Chaos Emeralds. Except I clearly do. All of them.

Can’t be bothered figuring out why it isn’t recognising them all, so that’ll conclude the game for me. The End.

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