Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land

Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land

Finished off all the challenges in Hollywood on Classic Mode, and had a bit of a skate around there before moving on to the next level – Broadway.

I really can’t get the land-revert-manual controls working reliably, which made the 300,000 point Sick Score on Broadway a bit difficult. I’m sure it’s harder to time than on the console versions of Tony Hawk’s. Anyway, I managed to do all the scores, and the other challenges bar the secret tape (which I can’t see anywhere).

Decided to play online then, and had a go at Trick Attack against some random bloke. I thought I was doing well too, as with only 20 seconds left, he was left on about 25,000 points and I was up to 400,000. Then, suddenly he jumped to 1,500,000-ish, so had clearly been racking up a huge combo. So I lost. Bah.

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