Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World

The Great Globe Trotting Turnip Selling Adventure begins!

Firstly, checked at my local Nook’s, to find turnips were bought for 79 bells each. I bought them for 104, so that was no good. Then I onlined my DS up, and visited Red in Lancre. Her Nook’s was shut for remodelling. As was Deckard’s, he said when he turned up to visit.

I left Lancre and went to Venture to see Rev. His Nook’s was buying for 70-something bells too, so that was rubbish too. Satsuma turned up then, and said his Nook was also buying in the 70-something region. Left Venture to roam elsewhere.

Stumbled across Luffer in Hippvile. His DS clock was an hour fast, and since Nook’s closes at 11pm, and his clock incorrectly said 11.15, there was no turnip selling going down in that town either.

Nook 1, deKay 0.

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