Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Planted a few more trees and did a bit of fishing. I then went online, and Cossie from Coraland joined me. I watched her use my toilet. It was grate.

Gave her some oranges, and she gave me a lilypad table. Then she left.

Went over to see Snivitz in Bim. Yes, that is his name and town. I don’t know why. His branch of Nook’s was selling turnips for less than mine was (down to 63 bells now), which was rubbish. He also has oranges, so there was no point passing any of mine on to him.

Moved on to “Gayville”, where JonnyBoy lives. He didn’t seem to be around (physically, at least – his character was there but didn’t move or talk). Sold my oranges in his Nook’s for 500 each (as they’re forn fruit), and found the turnips to be 60 bells there. It gets worse! Since he didn’t want to do anything, I dug holes around JonnyBoy so he couldn’t move. Since he’s only just moved in, I’m guessing he doesn’t have a shovel yet either. Left him my designs, a note on the town board, and sent him a letter. Also bought a bug net from his shop.

Back to my town then, and did a bit of weeding, fishing, and talked to the animals. I seem to have stolen Bones from Coraland. Hurrah! I’ve also arranged a hot date with Pinky for 4.28pm. I don’t know if Caroline the Squirrel will be impressed, since I just sent her a love letter. Caroline keeps pestering me for pink furniture too, but I can’t find any.

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