Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World

And so the life draining exercise of doing absolutely nothing of worth begins again. I spent three months, playing almost daily, on the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing, and this is just the same. Only with more to do, and online play.

Firstly, I had the task of moving in, meeting Nook (and selling my soul to him, or something), then he employed me for a short while to meet everyone, deliver things, plant stuff, and that sort of thing. I’d soon completed his slavish tasks, and was free!

Except for the huge mortgage, of course.

Went and collected a load of shells, and sold them. Bought a shovel and a fishing rod with the proceeds, and then caught some fish and dug up some fossils. After that, I went and drew a constellation in the Observatory, and handed my fossils in. Also designed a shirt, which proudly shows my character’s sexual preference. How childish.

Then it was time to take it online. I was soon joined by Rev and Stejay, from the ugvm group. Rev brought me some apples, and I gave everyone oranges and they took away copies of my tasteful shirt. I didn’t see them cut down my trees, but you never know.

I went over to Rev’s town then, and he gave me peaches. How kind he is. I now have three fruit! Also sent him and one of his animals letters, wrote on his Bulletin Board, and put my shirt design in his shop. Excellent.

If you wish to join me online for Animal-related fun and frolics, you can find me as deKay in Cheese, and my Friend Code is 257 759 125 534. And if you chop down my trees, you’re in for a nasty letter.

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