Super Princess Peach

Super Princess Peach

Picked up from World 3, Level 2 where I’d previously made it up to. It, like all good (and bad) Mario-derived games has, is a Ghost House type level, so there were Boos and dark bits and stuff. And an irritating pick-a-door puzzle bit on one of the levels. Shockingly (or rather, not), the end of level boss was King Boo. He was pretty easy though, and I killed him first go.

World 4 was the obligatory lava world, and had Wiggler (another Mario perennial) as the boss. He took a few goes as I couldn’t figure out how to hit him, but once I had he was easy.

World 5 was a sort of beach-and-underwater world, with fish and stuff. Nothing too difficult here to deal with, either. The boss was the giant Blooper from Mario Sunshine and other games, and was really simple to beat. He did have a way of recouping lost health though, unless you were quick, so the fight went on a bit longer than I expected.

World 6 was, as is the law in platform games, included simply to provide the obligatory ice world. Snow, ice, snowmen, slippy floors, and all that sort of thing. And at the end? A strange wolf-dragon-fairy-monster in an ice bubble. Who was probably the easiest boss so far.

I’ve now done the first level on World 7 (another Mario-mainstay – the Up in the Clouds world) too. I also played three of the minigames I’ve unlocked, although the one where you’re Toad running towards a Spiny Beetle thingie stumped me. I can’t make him jump, or make him (or the beetle) do anything, in fact. Bizarre.

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