Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Turnip Day! Didn’t have to go and find Joan this time, as she was right outside my house when I started playing. Bought as many turnips for 97 bells each as I could, and then went and fished and sold more fruit to get a few more. Managed 800 in the end.

Did a bit more fishing for the Museum then, and sold any duplicates I caught. With the spends, I bought a Blue Wall (finally!) and also another clock. I have five now. Last night when I was playing, there was some sort of meteor shower, as there were loads of shooting stars. By accident, I pressed A as one shot across the screen, and seemed to have a little prayer. Well, it appears that I’d wished upon it by doing that, as this morning there was a letter for me from Wishy the Star, with a Samurai Suit present attached! ACE!

Today is also Yay Day, which means I had to go round and compliment all the animals. Most of what I called them were unrecognised, but they seem happy anyway.

Also found a new resident in my town. It’s a girl wolf, and I’ve stolen her from Lyzzy, it seems.

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