Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Nook was buying turnips for 58 bells in Cheese today, so I didn’t bother selling them. Instead, I wandered round collecting fruit and fossils, and also milked a rock for more bells.

After that, I decided to have a tidy up in my house, so bought a dresser and filled it with all the junk on my floor. Also decided to “standardise” on furniture, so sold some of what I had and bought some Exotic and Blue things.

Then it was off to Snooch to see Deckard. Not for any reason, he just happened to be online. Took my turnips with me just in case, and lo! 233 bells at his branch of Nookingtons! Screw you, Tom Nook! That was a nice 70,000-ish bell profit! Got a couple of bits of furniture while I was there, and Tami turned up for a while too. Unfortunately, the game crashed when she left, but I still had all my bells so didn’t care. Paid off my mortgage when I returned, but Nook convinced me to expand my house again. Tch.

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