James Pond – Codename: Robocod (DS)

James Pond – Codename: Robocod (DS)

Yes. Another new game.

I also have this game for the Megadrive (albeit with the name “James Pond II – Codename: Robocod”), and sadly, the now 15 year-old version is a bit better. It isn’t that there’s anything specifically wrong with the DS game, it’s just it isn’t the same. You still have the big castle with doors to levels, and you still have the same level themes, but the levels themselves are different. In a way, this is good as you don’t feel you’re playing the same game – more a remixed version or something. On the down side, though, the levels aren’t as good and the enemies are mixed into the wrong worlds. For example, the “playing card men” are in Sports World.

Anyway, it’s still good, but just not as good as the original. Played through the first two worlds (sports and teddies) and killed the big teddy boss after them.

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