Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Upon trying to leave Manaan, I was arrested (again) for blowing stuff up underwater. Stuff the fish people knew nothing about. Tch.

So began another trial, which I won by convincing the judges I’d actually saved the giant shark rather than tried to kill it. Which is what probably happened anyway. Or something.

Decided then to finish off the Sunry trial, as his arbiter. Made him plead guilty, but still managed to get him off. Not really sure how that worked, but it did.

With things in order on Manaan, it was time to head off to the only planet that seems to be remaining on the map – Korriban. Not that I managed to get there, however, as my ship was attacked and we were all captured by Saul Karath, an ex-friend of Carth’s who now serves the Sith. He tortured me, Bastila and Carth somewhat. Mission, meanwhile, managed to get herself put in solitary confinement, and then I was controlling her.

With no weapons or anything, it was a bit hard to kill a load of Sith then release everyone else, but I managed it. Now I’m back controlling the Main Three characters, and everyone is tooled back up again.

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