Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Having not played it in a few days, it took a few minutes to get my bearings: I was on the Leviathan, needed to get to the Bridge, defeat Saul, and then get to the Ebon Hawk in the hangar and escape.

So I did.

It wasn’t quite that easy, as there were stacks of Dark Jedis, Dark Jedi Masters, Elite Sith Guards, and all sorts in the way. Eventually killed Saul and almost made it to the hangar, when Darth Malak appeared. Oops.

He filled in all of my character’s background story, which I’d actually already guessed, froze Bastila and Carth, and then set about fighting me. He ran off a couple of times in the fight, so had to find him again, before Bastila finally broke free and sent me and Carth off to the Ebon Hawk, leaving her behind.

Had another dogfighting section (I hate them), and it was off to Korriban, where the Sith Academy is.

Haven’t done much there yet, except sold some spice that was on the ship in a secret compartment, and talk to a lot of people.

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