Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Well. I’ve done stacks on this today. For the sake of being brief, here’s pretty much everything, in digest:

Found a translating droid to buy, needed credits, entered and won swoop races and killed some desert thingies to get credits, bought droid. Went to Sand People Enclave, couldn’t get near due to bug in game not realising I was disguised. Sorted that, got in, met chieftain, who asked for vapourisers. Went back to Anchorhead and bought some, gave them to him, and he let me take Mission’s brother and some Jawas out of captivity. He also gave me a map, so I could go into the Eastern Dune Sea. Went there, met a hunter, and helped him slay a krayt dragon. The dragon’s cave had the next Star Map in it, as well as all sorts of things, including lightsaber upgrades. On leaving, Calo Nord (now working for the Sith and not actually dead) attacked me, so killed him and his entourage. Went back to Anchorhead, and met Bastila’s mother, who sent us out to the cave again for Bastila’s father’s holocron. Went and found that, then went back into the Sand People enclave and accidentally opened a crate there. They thought I was stealing, so killed them. All of them. Mhuhuahahahahahaha.

After all that, I was finished (for now at least) on Tatooine, so went back to the Ebon Hawk and headed off to Yarin space station. Was attacked on-route, and killed all the attackers. Once at Yarin, I sold some of my stuff, and then saved up and quit for now.

Almost 18 hours in now!

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