Mawashite Koron (DS): COMPLETED!

Mawashite Koron (DS): COMPLETED!

There was a bit of a sticking point on a level on the 5th mode in this game. You start in a square of unbreakable blocks. So, how do you get out?

Well, it seems they are breakable. I just didn’t know one of the moves you could do. “Revving” up on button X allows you to smash through grey blocks. Hurrah!

Good job I found that out too, as you need to use it a fair bit in the last two modes. The 5th one (whose name I can’t work out) wasn’t too hard in the end, but Ultimate (Mode 6) was hard. Very hard, in places. The most difficult one by far was a giant spiral, which spirals out and then back in again. Getting it done in time whilst avoiding the time delay blocks was a bit on the difficult side. To make up for that, however, the final level was very, very easy.

So, that’ll all the levels done. Game completed!

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