Table Game Spirits (DS)

Table Game Spirits (DS)

This arrived today (so no box scan yet). It is a compilation of 10 or so “table games”, although how Breakout is a table game, I have no idea.

Played Breakout (which bizarrely has to be played with the d-pad and not the more obvious stylus), Mahjongg, Patience (“Solitare” for you merkins), Othello (“Reversi”, again for merkins), a card game I figured out how to play but don’t know the name, and what I know as “Shisensho”. They were all pretty playable.

Also had a go at some of the other games, but haven’t a clue on the rules of the other card games, and I have no idea how to play Chinese Chess.

It’s a shame there’s no Shanghai game on there.

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