Mario vs Donkey Kong (GBA)

Mario vs Donkey Kong (GBA)

Mario vs Donkey Kong is the sequel (pretty much) to the original Game Boy game Donkey Kong, which in itself was a sort of huge expansion for the even older Donkey Kong arcade game. The GB game was actually the first non-Japanese game to take advantage of the SNES Super Game Boy add-on too. And it was ACES.

Mario vs Donkey Kong is also ACES. Basically, you have to travel through puzzley-platformey levels, finding keys to open doors and rescuing Mini Mario toys. Then you get a short Krusty’s Super Fun House level, and finally a boss fight against Donkey Kong himself. And then it’s off to the next world!

I’ve completed the first three worlds so far, getting the three “present” pickups on each so far (but not getting the “high score star” on them all yet), and it’s really good. Not very hard yet, though, but there’s still at least three worlds yet…

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