Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

I had a day’s worth of clock-stepping to catch up with today, so got a fair amount of stuff done. Sold all my turnips for 178 bells each, which wasn’t too bad. Also made around 70,000 bells selling fruit and some fish I’d caught.

Today was a Flea Market day, and so I went round everyone’s houses and bought loads of stuff. Not because I needed it, but because I thought it would be funny to she them all with empty houses. It was quite nice that Caroline the Squirrel wouldn’t sell me her leaf umbrella because it was her “most favourite thing in the whole house!”. Naturally – I bought it for her a few weeks ago!

She also had her boxes packed and was ready to leave at one point, but I convinced her to stay. I am BEST, clearly. I have a new animal now too – Friga the penguin. Went to see K.K. Slider this evening after meeting her, and he played “Marine Song 2001”, whatever that was. Of course, he also gave me a bootleg of it.

Oh yes! And I caught a honey bee! WIN!


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