FIFA Soccer 06 (DS)

FIFA Soccer 06 (DS)

Oh my. I’ve bought a FIFA game. Worse, I’ve bought one and played it. Worse still, I played it for an hour and enjoyed it. Wrongness!

So I set myself up as the Mighty Norwich City, and played a quick friendly against Leicester. After realising that pass and shoot were actually the other way round to what I expected, I soon won 6-1. Not bad for my first ever go.

I then decided to take Norwich into the “England Cup”, whatever the hell that is. The first round was against Chelsea, and I won 10-1. Easy. In fact, things got progressively easier, it seemed, what with Port Vale, Notts County, Birmingham City and Sunderland all falling by the wayside with scores like 14-1 and 12-0. I am clearly best.

The final, was Norwich v Newcastle. I let in two goals by being an idiot once I’d scored 6, but it didn’t matter as it was 8-2 by half time, and 14-2 at the end of the match. I think I might put it on a harder setting next time I play.

Oh yes, next time. I will play a FIFA game again. I think I’m ill.

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