Fire Emblem (GBA)

Fire Emblem (GBA)

Chapter 18x was really easy, even though I took all the wrong units in to battle. I knew there would be a load of magic users to fight, so I took all my magic users in. Then, of course, after a few turns, someone casts Silence over half the map, and renders them all useless.

However, it also rendered all the enemy magic units useless too, and all of the huge knights dotted around were easy enough to kill off too, especially once I’d given Dorcas the Hero Crest to power him up.

The “boss” was even easier, since the only attack he had, was magic. And he couldn’t use it. So he died easily.

Found a guy called Renauld in some ruins, and he gave me a Goddess Drop or Tear or Thing or whatever it’s called. I forget. I had thought I could persuade him to join us, but didn’t get that option. A creepy old guy (who I think cast Silence) also appeared, but I couldn’t talk to, or kill, him and then later he disappeared. Odd.

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