Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (GC)

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (GC)

Finally managed to get past the Bugged Spikey Pits of Oblivion on my way out of the Clockwork Tower (although I did fall in once, and again, couldn’t get out). Got back to the Central Hall, and the woman in red gave me another sword. Then it was off to the other tower – the Water Tower.

First, it was through some area with hanging gardens in it. I was stuck there for a while trying to figure out how I was supposed to get anywhere, and ran into a couple of stuck-in-the-floor bugs whilst leaping over walls and stuff. Luckily, my sand was working so I could rewind time and get out.

Then there was a bit not a million miles away from the Aviary in the first game, only with fewer ravens. Actually, what ravens there were, were also a bit bugged as sometimes they would just turn invisible, but still be able to attack me. Bizarre.

Worked my way into the present, got chased by the Dahaka again, then back into the past and after some head-scratching figured out how to activate the water. Worked my way back to the Central Hall again, where the Dahaka had managed to track me down in the past (up until then, he’d only chased me in the present), but luckily he was distacted by the black wraith bloke, killing him instead.

Then it was off to the throne room with the woman in red, who says she’d called Kaileena. And isn’t actually on my side at all – she’s the Empress! Killed her, she exploded and then… Game Over?

No. Not quite. I got to save my game, but then the Dahaka found me and chased me again. A lot. I managed to get into a tomb, but on escaping from that, there was another chase, taking me all over the place and back to the tomb again (albeit with some stuff shuffled round). And then, ANOTHER chase. I then realised that, despite having plenty of sand, I couldn’t use it. I couldn’t slow down or rewind time, which was making it very difficult to progress. With about $hlmun failed attempts in the bag, I gave up.

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