True Swing Golf (DS)

True Swing Golf (DS)

Yes, yes. Another new game. I seem to be accumilating them at a rate of one a day at the moment. I wish they’d stop making new ones for a bit so I could catch up…

Anyway. True Swing Golf is, as the name suggests, a golf game where you “swing” the stylus to swing your club. And it works reallt well – far better than the “power meter” type systems in other golf games, and more realistic than the analogue-stick-flick method used in recent Tiger Woods games.

I played a round on the Bluebird course (I think that is what it’s called, anyway), and found it really easy to get into and control, even without reading the manual or doing the tutorial. In fact, I ended up with a score of -2 after 18 holes, getting a few bogies but more birdies. And I have an ace hat on my golfer.

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