XIII (Mob)

XIII (Mob)

Had 15 minutes to spare today, with only my N-Gage for company. Rummaged through the installed apps to find XIII. I have no idea where it came from, as I certainly don’t remember installing it. It isn’t really suitable for the N-Gage either, since it plays in the top left 1/8th of the screen and so is tiny.

Anyway, it’s a bit pants. It’s a bit like Midnight Resistance on the Spectrum. Assuming my memory of that game is correct. It’s a laddery shooty crouchy slidey platformer, vaguely following the story of the “grown up” console versions. It’s also very easy. So far, at least.

I’ve done the beach, the bank, found Jones, rescued Carrington, and escaped from his prison. All in about 15 minutes. I’ve only died twice so far as well.

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