Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

My wife came over to Cheese briefly to add Lyzzy’s paintings to her catalogue and talk to the animals. I dug up some more gyroids (which I couldn’t physically put in my house, so had to get rid of some furniture) and two more fossils, both of which I already had. Fossils seen a bit thin on (or rather, in) the ground at the moment.

Also sent some letters to some of my animals, to try and be “best friends” with them and get some pictures. Margie the Elephant, who only moved in this morning, has already declared us best friends, so I’m well in there. On the other hand, Pierce is trying to move out. Again. He can go for all I care.

I have another new resident today too – Wolfgang. He looks like Lobo, only keeps going on about make-up, and how we should go watering flowers together. I think he might be gay.

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