Fight Night Round 3 (Demo) (360)

Fight Night Round 3 (Demo) (360)

Normally, I wouldn’t be interested in playing a boxing game, but after the graphical disappointment of PGR3, I downloaded the demo to see what the 360 can really do. Well, based on reviews of it and everything anyway.

And it’s nice. Looks great, plays well. But, it’s not quite right. Considering the faces are supposed to be “photorealistic”, they’re not really even close. Part of the problem is that you have to pay close attention to the boxers’ faces to get an idea of how bruised, tired, or cut they are, but the camera is too far away to tell. You get a close up on a knock-out, but by then you already know. These close ups are graphically very impressive, but still not “next-gen”, and somehow, they still look “wrong”. Too glossy, maybe. Mannequin-like, almost.

Anyway, I won the demo fight by a long way.

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