Fire Emblem (GBA)

Fire Emblem (GBA)

Finally! I made it back to Fire Emblem for long enough to progress the story a little!

I’ve now played, and completed, the surprisingly simple Chapter 19. Strangely, at the beginning of the fight, one of my characters says “This looks like the final battle!”, when of course, it isn’t. And there I was thinking I was about to complete another game.

In the course of the battle, Lucius the Monk powered up to become Lucius the Bishop. Which basically means he has attack and heal magic now. Or at least he would, if it wasn’t for the fact I used all his Lightning power up, and don’t have any more. Tch.

I also seemed to miss doing something with a thief called Legault (or something similar). He was on the baddie’s side, but nicked everything from a load of chests and disappeared before I got near him. I suspect I’ve missed out on either gaining him as a character, or side-stepped a side-quest. Or something. I’m not really bothered though.

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