Marble Blast Ultra (Demo) (360)

Marble Blast Ultra (Demo) (360)

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This is a great game! The graphics have that bizarre shiny-sticky-plastic look to them that plagued Kameo, but it doesn’t matter here. People have likened Marble Blast to Super Monkey Ball, but they’re not really all that similar. Marble Blast‘s levels are more maze-like, with jumps and power-ups, whereas Monkey Ball is all skill and speed. There’s no time limits here, although levels have a “par time” to beat. Some levels have gems to collect, and gravity direction switches too (making it a bit like one of the later levels in Sonic Adventure).

I’ve played through the ten or so demo levels, and it’s good enough for me to buy with my points, I think. Unless one of the trials of something else is more worthwhile, anyway.

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