Some Xbox 360 Demo Games (360)

Some Xbox 360 Demo Games (360)

So I downloaded a few more game demos today. First off, was Full Auto, which is very much like Burnout only with guns. And a Prince of Persia-style time-rewind system. It plays nice and all, but it doesn’t look much better than Burnout 3. In fact, in some ways, it’s actually worse visually. Probably not a game I’ll be buying any time soon, sorry Sega…

Then I played Quake 4. I don’t mind FPS games, but they’re not my favourite genre. I liked Doom, and Half-Life, and Goldeneye. And Timesplitters, in fact. And even Agent Under Fire. But Doom 3 left me cold. It was all too dark and gloomy and most of the time was pitch black. Quake 4 seems to suffer much the same fate. OK, so it isn’t as dark (yet), but it’s just not much fun to play. The graphics are good too, but still nothing I haven’t already seen on the (not especially powerful) PC.

After that, I downloaded two Xbox Live Arcade games. The first of which was Bejewelled 2. It’s just like Zoo Keeper, only with gems instead of animals. There is also no time limit, which actually removes half the point of the games, as far as I’m concerned. It was OK, but Zoo Keeper is better.

Finally, I tried Hardwood Backgammon. It played a pretty good game of backgammon. I’m not really sure what else to say about it, really.

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