The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

With Sean, uh, Martin found, it was time to head back to Weynon Priory to see Jauffre. Off we set then, on the long, long road back, via Skingrad and past the Imperial City.

The trip took the best part of an hour (real time), and was pretty uneventful. The few things that attacked me were quickly dispatched by Sharpe Martin before I even had a chance to draw my sword. Eventually, I reached Skingrad (where I made a load of sheep follow me for a bit), but didn’t stay for long, setting off for Weynon Priory.

As I neared the Priory, the stable boy ran out towards me, saying the place was under attack! Nice timing, eh? Martin and I (well, mainly Martin, actually) set about dispatching the heavily armed foes, who turned out not to be heavily armed at all due to dome kind of spell of alteration they were under. Or something. Some of the monks were dead, but I found Jauffre safe. The Amulet of Kings, however, was gone.

Jauffre said we needed to get Martin to somewhere safe – Cloud Ruler Temple, to the north, near Bruma. He and Martin mounted horses (mine is off near Imperial City somewhere, so I had to walk), and off we set. As we approached Bruma, the sky started to go red… another Oblivion Gate! I ignored it (as it was off the path a bit) and carried on. Soon the sky returned to normal, and the ground became snow-covered do to the altitude we were then traveling at.

Finally, we reached Bruma, and I saved the game for now. For a bit of fun, and since it was 2am in the game, I decided to try and murder everyone in their beds. Sadly, I was caught breaking into a house by a guard, so my career as a serial killer ended before it even started. Pah.

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