The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The “other guy” was called Agarmir, it seems. I have a terrible memory for game character names. Anyway, I hung around outside his house until he left, and then picked the lock in order to get in. Couldn’t find much inside, until I picked the lock to his basement and found a book – a book containing the spoils Agarmir had got from grave robbing. And then he’s been selling them to Thoronir cut price.

With book in hand, I went off to confront Thoronir, who was somewhat aghast. He told me that he’ll stop selling things at such low prices, and will never talk to Agarmir again. He suggested that the graveyard would be a good place to find Agarmir and some more evidence.

He was right – there was Agarmir looting a tomb. When he saw me, though, him and his chum tried to kill me. I was actually a bit surprised, so almost died. Thankfully, my healing spell kept me alive. Raided their bodies (taking Agarmir’s ace sword with magic powaz), found Agarmir’s spade (as evidence) and went back to see Thoronir, who passed me on to Jensene (again, name could be wrong) who tanked me and game my CAHS MONEY$.

Decided then that I really should progress on with the actual quest, so headed for Chorral, stopping off on the way to help a fisherman (although I couldn’t figure out how to get the to place he wanted me to go, so gave up) and then made it to Weynon Priory, where I met Jauffre. He’s the guy who knows about the Emperor’s missing son, and so he sent me on a quest to find him in Kvatch.

Couldn’t be bothered with that when one of the other monks gave me his horse! Rode around on that for a bit, and got to Chorral itself. Harvested loads of mushrooms and flowers and things, and then set about raising my Alchemy stats by brewing up potions. ACE.

Also visited a load of people in Chorral, and found out from some old guy that “creatures” had been attacking his farm outside the walls of the town. His two sons had gone off to kill them, and he asked if I could help. Yeah, but not yet…

In Chorral there’s a Fighter’s Guild. So I joined. The immediate benefits of doing so included getting 10 more gamerpoints and an achievement, and also the permission to take almost anything from the guild building – including a better sword (better even than Agarmir’s magical one), and any saleable items. So I did. And sold lots of them.

Then it was off to the Priory again, where I met up with the two sons, who took me to their farm. And yes, there were “creatures” (no-one in the town believed them) – goblins. And quite a few of them as well. But we slaughtered them all!

Now back to Chorral again…

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