The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

This game is amazing. No, really. The sheer epicness of the thing is so impressive, and I feel somewhat lost. I’ve still done virtually nothing, even though I’m now coming up to 8 hours in – that’s longer than many games are in total.

I went on a bit of a selling spree today, once I’d returned the sons to Chorral, and then went taking food from barrels and such, making potions to try and boost my alchemy skills. I saw another piece of alchemy kit in the Countess’ rooms, so nicked it, only to find that there was a Mage’s Guild in Chorrel, and, upon joining (unlocking another 10 gamerpoints and an ahievement in the process), I could have had as many as I wanted for free. I hope no-one notices it was me. I feel a bit guilty about it, actually.

Once in the Mage’s Guild, I took all the equipment for alchemy I could find, and made tons of potions with the food I found upstairs. I reached Alchemy Level 25, taking me from Novice to Apprentice, and opening up the range of potions I can create.

I’ve also started another sub-quest, involving a book about Fingering a Mountain (or something) and a strange woman in green who doesn’t like talking to me, and who hates the leader of the Mage’s Guild. Ace.

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