Amped 3 (360)

Amped 3 (360)

Achievement Unlocked! 70 Gamerpoints Get! Ace!

I “finished” the first mountain (although, I expect I’ll be back) by chasing some people on boards, then on a snowmobile. Now I’ve been kicked out of my “crew” because the crew leader bloke (J-Dog) is in cahoots with the bad guys. I found out, so I’m out.

On “Snowbird” Mountain, I met some strange pig-head bloke, who wanted me to do stunts for his advertising agency. Cue plenty more totally bizarre cut scenes, as the product adverts are shown. “Live fast, die young, leave a great smelling corpse!” and such. Bananas.

Then I seemed to join a Russian game show, hosted by two hands with faces drawn on them. And one has a beard. I’m honestly not making this up.

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