Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

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Played this for a few hours this evening. Mainly, I was harvesting the 220,000+ bells-worth of fruit that was on the floor and had regrown on the trees, but I also found a few fossils and ran a few errands for animals. Wolfgang has done a runner, probably as I wasn’t gay for him, so my town is now down three animals and no-one has replaced them, so it looks a bit empty. In fact, Lucky told me so himself.

I then spent ages trying to get the Wifi connection working so I could connect to Matt in Newton, but I couldn’t see his gate despite his assurances he had it open. I did see Rev’s gate, once, but upon trying to connect it vanished. Even my wife couldn’t connect to me (over Wifi) so we had to settle for DS-to-DS, while she came over to sell turnips. Matt had them for about 634 or something, but since I couldn’t get over there, I settled for 183 in Cheese instead. I do have about 9,200,000 bells in my account now, though.

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