Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

I’ve just noticed that my post about Oblivion yesterday was my 1000th post to this Gaming Diary. That’s 1000 posts, in almost exactly 500 days. So two gaming sessions a day. Cripes.

Did very little in Animal Crossing today. I got about a million (well, three) letters with presents in them for today is my birthday! Hurrah! Robin, Margie and Friga (my “bitches” then) all sent me letter and crap presents. None of my other animals, even the gay ones, could care less about me, it seems. Rubbish.

Margie even greeted me with a birthday cake the second I left my house. ACE!

What wasn’t ace, however, was the 83 bells Nook offered me for turnips. I hate him.

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